Ireland`s working holiday agreements with other governments allow young people from both countries to fund extended leave through temporary work. The primary intention of the working holiday visa is to go on holiday to the Argentine Republic, with employment being a side effect rather than the main reason for the visit. Participants in this program are not allowed to practice a permanent profession during their visit and to enroll in training or study courses, in particular Spanish courses, for a period of up to three (3) months during their visit to Argentina. The “Work and Holiday Visa” programme encourages cultural exchanges and closer relations between Argentina and Ireland by offering young people extended leave, supplemented by short-term employment. Most working holiday visas are offered under reciprocal agreements between certain countries to encourage travel and cultural exchanges between their citizens. The Working Holiday Agreement is designed to facilitate US citizens who travel to Ireland for an extended period of time and wish to pursue employment as an ancillary aspect of their holiday. A working holiday visa is a residence permit that allows travelers to take a job (and sometimes study) in the country isxing the visa to complete their means of travel. For many young people, obtaining a working holiday visa allows them to experience life in a foreign country without having to bear the usual expensive cost of finding work sponsorship in advance or expensive university exchange programs. This is a short and general summary, visa requirements and the number of working holiday visas issued each year in countries may vary and new arrangements can be made regularly, so we recommend that you enter complete and up-to-date official information from the immigration office or embassy of your home country before creating work and travel plans. In 2008, Ireland and the United States signed a Memorandum of Understanding on a 12-month pilot programme for trainees (also known as the Working Holiday Agreement) that allows Irish and US citizens to work and travel to their countries for up to 12 months. The agreement reflects not only the close historical and cultural ties between Ireland and the United States of America, but also the vitality of modern economic and trade relations between our countries.

The processing of working holiday permits takes about ten working days. Around 60 countries have signed bilateral agreements on the working holiday programme:[1] The application deadline for the 2019 programme is now over. Any other applications submitted for the 2019 program will not be processed. If I receive a Working Holiday Authorization (SMA), do I also need to apply for a visa/work permit/other document? 4. I was in Ireland under the WHA programme, but I have returned to my normal country of residence due to the COVID19 situation. Can I return in the future with my current permissions? Do I need a confirmed job if I apply for a Working Holiday Permit (WHA)/before I arrive in Ireland? Within one month of arrival in Ireland, working holiday permit holders (WHA) must register with their local immigration officer and receive an Irish Residence Permit (IRP) upon payment of the appropriate fee. More information on registering and obtaining an IORP can be found here. The conditions set out in the AMS application form clearly state that participants in the WHA programme must leave Ireland after the approval has expired. Therefore, we strongly recommend that all AMS holders make all necessary arrangements to leave Ireland well in advance of the expiry of their residence permit. .