FAQ about the ACA Training Agreement. The ICAEW encourages students to stay with their employer for the duration of their training contract, if possible. If you partially change employers, they must be an ICAEW Certified Training Employer (ATE) for your ACA training to continue. In addition, any new employer may ask you to complete additional work experience or practical training to demonstrate your skills and help cover training costs. A training contract with each new employer should last at least three months and include at least 65 days of practical work experience. ICAEW regulations state that the case study exam cannot be taken until you are in the last 12 months of a training contract. However, students may have completed their training contract before completing the case study. In this case, you do not have to renew your training contract. If you have not completed your Practical Work Experience (PWE) in your training contract, you will need to renew the agreement to ensure that you have accumulated enough PWE to meet the requirements. We have created a pro forma training contract for the ICAEW. It offers the flexibility to insert your policy on evaluation attempts, repetitive costs, and study leave. Most students must have at least a three-year training contract (unless you have registered through the AAT-ACA fast track or meet the requirements to shorten the duration of a training contract). The duration of a training contract is determined in accordance with the ACA Student Regulations and by agreement between the student and the authorized training company that must provide the approved training.

The maximum duration a student can complete is five years, unless the student is training as part of a strategic degree or other program offered in partnership with a ICAEW learning partner. Make sure your training record is up to date and that all registrations have been confirmed by your employer before termating the training contract. Please note that your internship registrations must be entered before the date of termination of the training contract. You must register the training contract at the office where the student resides. The Apprenticeship Agreement has been updated to ensure that it complies with government apprenticeship regulations, is more user-friendly and principles-based, and reflects the current approaches of many of our authorized employers. The updated document must be used for authorized training employers and authorized trainers. It also structures the training process and provides a defined starting point and end point – so you know when a student will finish their studies. This two-way agreement between you and your students describes the support you will provide (for example.

B paid tuition, study leave and mentoring) and what you expect from them. .