Buyers must register the agreement for sale after paying 5% of the monetary value of the tokens as stamp duty. One percent of the amount must also be paid as a registration fee. It is important to note that the sales contract should not be confused with the deed of sale. To know the difference between the two, read the article, sales contract and certificate of sale. The same obligation as a mortgage credit instrument held [No. 40 (a) for the amount of the additional charge secured by such an instrument The same duty as a mortgage held [No. 40 (a)] for the amount corresponding to the total amount of the charge (including the initial mortgage and all other charges already collected); after deduction of the tax already paid on that initial mortgage and other charges. Provided that, in any case, where a lease is stamped with the Advalorem stamp required for a lease and a lease is subsequently performed under this contract, the tax on that lease may not exceed two rupees. The obligation of such a loan, mortgage or policy or insurance is calculated with a maximum of five hundred rupees.

(a) in the case of such a lease, the rent shall be fixed and no premium shall be paid or delivered – one and a half times the tax payable on a mortgage instrument holding [No 40 (a)] the nominal amount of the shares indicated in the warrant. Non-residential dwellings can be rented by contract lease. These premises are subject to contractual conditions and lawsuits or lawsuits under other laws or circumstances are not admissible. (a) Where an act of division involving an agreement for the distribution of assets into several parts is carried out and a division is made in accordance with this Agreement, the duty levied on the act relating to that distribution shall be reduced by the amount of duty paid for the first act; but not less than two rupees; In case of transfer of the rental right by sale or sublease, the tenant must pay a stamp duty of 3%. (b) where the rental agreement is granted for a fine or premium or against advanced money and no rent is reserved. (b) where an entity which has paid the tax in full or its composition successively issues a supplement to its subscribed capital – (c) where an ancillary or additional or substituted security or guarantee or as additional security for the above purposes, if the principal debtor or principal guarantee is correctly stamped – The same tax as for other transfers (no. .