Public Law 110-157, which came into force on December 26, 2007, extended the power to provide a medallion in place of a headstone or marker for the graves of veterans in private cemeteries, when the grave is already marked with a tombstone or a marker purchased privately. Applicants have the option of requesting either a traditional headstone or marker to be placed on the grave, or a medallion to be placed on a tombstone or a marker purchased privately. VA expects the medallion to be available sometime in 2010. For more information on the availability of medallions, see The National Cemetery Administration, part of the Department of Veterans Affairs, provides funeral services to Veterans. The website states: “Among the funeral services available, there is a cemetery in one of our 131 national cemeteries with available space, the opening and closing of the grave, eternal care, a government grave or marker, a funeral flag and a presidential certificate of deposit, free of charge to the family.” Note that space in a national cemetery should not be booked in advance. Military funerals are available upon request for eligible Veterans` benefits. On the VA website, it says: “On request, DoD [the Department of Defense] will offer a military funeral made of folds and presentation of the American flag and the game of `Taps`. An honourable retail funeral consists of two uniformed members of the armed forces, with at least one member of the deceased`s branch.¬†Families should notify the funeral director or planner if they wish to request the full military honour of the cremation or burial funeral. In addition, “VA can help organize honors for funerals in VA national cemeteries. Veterans service organizations or volunteer groups can help provide honours. This short guide discusses some basic information about the costs of cremation or burial.

It also contains some information on the types of benefits you can expect from the VA and the government, and links where you can learn more. Families are usually responsible for spending on a loved one`s funeral in their budget. That`s why it`s so important to prepare funeral and cremaux services for Veterans. By defining your entitlement to different benefits, you will get a clearer picture of how much a family would have to spend on the final agreement for a loved one. For more information on how we can help you honour your loved one or ensure that you get all the benefits for which they qualify, contact us today. The following resources provide statistics and information on the outlook for the funeral sector as a whole for years to come. Insurance benefits are sometimes used to offset the cost of the final cost.