If you download or activate the software for testing or purchase a license for the software, accept this agreement by selecting the “I accept the agreement” button below. If you or the organization you represent does not accept the terms of this agreement, choose “I do not accept the agreement.” No agreement is then reached and you cannot evaluate, buy or install the software and use it. If you purchased the software from a retail store and do not accept the contract, you can return the software to the original package to the retail store where you purchased within 30 days of purchase, in order to get a refund minus the reintroduction fee. Choose the terms and conditions for your use of Trend Micro products and services. If you have another agreement directly with Trend Micro, this agreement will control your use of products and/or services. Click on the link below to exercise your individual rights in accordance with applicable laws and view instructions to set your preferences for marketing messages. . Trend Micro`s terms for applications (French) Trend Micro operates in our offices worldwide for security reasons. Lisensavtale Sluttbrukere for Forbruker (Norwegian) . “ДОГОВОР О ПРЕДОСТАВЛЕНИИ ПРОГРАММНОГО ОБЕСПЕЧЕНИЯ И (ИЛИ) УСТРОЙСТВ ДЛЯ ВЕДЕНИЯ БИЗНЕСА «ТРЕНД МАЙКРО»” (Russian) . 트렌드 마크로최종 사용자 라스 계약 (Korean) .

We are committed to respecting your privacy and protecting your personal data in accordance with applicable law. Uber EnterpriseSoftware and/or Gerate Global Contract . Trend Micro`s mission is to ensure that its security products and services meet or exceed key industry certifications and safety compliance requirements. . How much you can use Cloud Services De Trend Micro (French) Son Kullanécé Lisans Szle-mesi T-ketici (Turkish) . Show the type of data a Trend Micro product collects and how you can unsubscribe from the collection. . Thỏa thuén C`pp phép Sử dụng c`a cho Ng`i sử dụng cu`i – Ng`i ti`u d`ng (Vietnamese) Global `YAZILIMI VE/VEYA C`HAZ S-ZILE`MES` (in Turkish) . 趋势科技最终户许协-消费产 (simplified Chinese) General terms of use of the application ( . You must read and accept this agreement before installing or using the software.

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