Note that the SCA has some exceptions and exceptions that may apply in certain circumstances. Where a waiver applies, a contract other than that covered by the CAS may not require SCA compliance (or compliance with certain staff outside the scope of SCA coverage may not be necessary). A common exception is that, according to the Fair Labor Standards Act, all workers or, for the most part, all workers who will make the necessary efforts are considered to be executives of good faith, directors or professionals, based on their wages and the nature of their work obligations. There are also some narrow categories of services that fall under one of the legal or administrative exceptions (for example. B utilities). However, most of these exceptions are elaborated and interpreted narrowly. The application of exceptions is very specific and we recommend seeking (and documenting) legal assistance in the context of the exception or exception finding. The question then arises as to what is salary and ancillary benefits. I had a small role in a case at the ASBCA, for example, arguing over the severance pay prescribed by CBA. The Board has wisely decided that severance pay is wages or margins.

See Arctec Services, ASBCA 56444, 11-1 BCA 34,743. See also Government Contracting Resources, Inc., ASBCA 59162. Of course, the contractor will only be price adjustment if the increase in costs relates to wages or incidental costs. The SCA rules say that “seniority, appeal procedures, work rules, overtime, etc. NO wages or margins are and the contractor therefore does not receive a price adjustment for these items. 29 CFR 4.163 (a). The “etc.” -The scheme could also include reimbursements for expenses, Arctic coats or gloves or other clothing, protective equipment and equipment, ways to moralize staff such as birthday parties, gifts, etc. See also 29 C.F.R. 4.172 (e) and (f) with additional examples in positions that are not good faith salaries or benefits. (3) The next multi-year jubilee (annual or biennial anniversary) may be the case).

(2) the name of the contract; (a) a contract agent or any other interested party may request to be heard on an issue submitted to point 22.1013 (a).