You touch the second part a little bit, where the contributor certifies that he has the right to bring the code. However, this does not prevent anyone from transmitting code that they do not have, but signing a document that certifies otherwise has at least one psychological component that at least makes them think about possession before sending this sweater request. Last week, the OpenShift Origin-Repository on Github posted some important code clusters from external contributors, which were the OpenShift Origin MSFT platform. Have added net functionality. Thousands of new lines of code were successfully tested and integrated into the OpenShift Origin code base, which was immediately made available to everyone for download and availability. At Red Hat, we believe it is important for future growth and the adoption of open source projects to have performance-based processes that are neutral from a supplier perspective and to have proper IP management to succeed. That`s why we opted for the Apache V2.0 license – and that`s why we decided not to apply for contribution law licensing agreements (CLAs) or to create a foundation. These decisions often have a few eyebrows, so I thought I would address these issues with the help of Red Hat`s legal counsel, Richard Fontana post this week. We are very happy that you would like to participate in Mattermost. Like many other open source projects, we need a Contributor`s Law Licensing Agreement (“CLA”) so that we can add you to the list of authorized contributors and verify the changes you have proposed. Q. I signed the former Fedora ICLA, do I have to sign the FPCA? A. Yes.

We made a lot of noise about it and had a window of opportunity for contributors to approve the FPCA. I hope that the FPCA will work well for Fedora in the near future. This may be the easiest to do with a project like OpenShift Origin, which is licensed Apache 2.0. The Apache license offers very generous copyrights to contributors, and contributors explicitly grant patent licenses. These rights are granted to everyone.