Couples often begin the process of a controversial divorce and then, before the actual trial, they reach an agreement. This is called the colony. One of the main advantages of a transaction is that neither spouse will appeal. Both agree and are therefore probably satisfied. Both parties can therefore be sure of the end and end of the disputes. Agreements must be remembered in order to make the regime legally binding and enforceable. Filters often got a comparison before they even submitted. Experienced lawyers prefer not to go to court against someone who represents himself. When a person decides to go pro Se, they can disrupt the normal dynamics in the courtroom where the court is passive and impartial.

On the contrary, the court might want to protect Pro Se`s cases in order to keep things right. This is why many lawyers will formally (by recommended letter) call a Pro Se attorney to retain the assistance of a lawyer. No lawyer only wants to agree to have a judicial purpose because it is considered unacceptable (grossly unfair or unilateral). Great article! I want to sue my ex-divorce lawyer for misconduct. Quick wallpaper: married iron 16 years, very abusive marriage, have not worked since the marriage (ex would not allow), but put all my savings in marriage that allows us to buy real estate investment and a marital home, disabled, 1 child, ex made 6 numbers, I could only apply for a divorce “flat-fee” lawyer who refused to ask for post-spouse support of temp and marriage for me this bet me on the support of the public. He forced me to sign a contract in which I gave up everything, support except daycare – he told me that my fees were exhausted and that he was now working for free and that we had to do it. He also said I had to give him 10K in advance if I didn`t sign, and he told me that my child would continue to be abused, so I would have to sign to appease my ex, and that I could always change it later, so I signed it. At one point, he even shouted at me with a tooth, I was intimidated. All of this happened just before the investigation at the courthouse. He also gave me an income of 20K for the deal, even though he knew that I had no income for 16 years and that I could not work. He said it was necessary, what I found out later was fraud.