The UK and Norway have concluded a new fisheries agreement, the first since leaving the European Union. British fishing organisations said such an agreement showed that the conditions the EU has aimed for a future deal were an “aberration” not to treat Britain as an independent coastal nation capable of controlling access to its fishing waters. “The agreement will come into force on 1 January 2021, after the UK and Northern Ireland leave the EU`s Common Fisheries Policy. 5.Create an appropriate institutional framework for cooperation in the conservation and management of common fisheries resources. – This agreement allows for good and solid cooperation in the field of fisheries for the future. According to Norway`s Minister of Fisheries and Seafood, the best way to manage common fish stocks is for coastal states to agree on how to do so. Negotiations between Britain and the EU have stumbled over fishing, fair competition and dispute settlement. The framework agreement, which will come into force on 1 January, will govern control measures, licences and research and will also facilitate reciprocal quota exchange and access to each other`s waters, the Norwegian government said in a statement. Prop. S applies to the approval of the conclusion of a framework agreement on fisheries concluded on 30 September 2020 between Norway and the United Kingdom. The agreement governs part of the cooperation between Norway and the UNITED Kingdom after the UK is no longer covered by the Fisheries Agreement between Norway and the EU.

It facilitates agreement between the parties on reciprocal access to the other party`s fishing grounds and on the exchange of fishing quotas. The agreement also regulates issues such as licensing and cooperation in monitoring and research. “In this respect, this is the EU and what it wants to do with the UK for the misplacement of international fishing.” Negotiations should therefore begin with the United Kingdom and the Kingdom of Norway to conclude the fisheries agreement between the European Union and the United Kingdom and the Kingdom of Norway. I am pleased that we now have an agreement that provides a framework for comprehensive fisheries cooperation with the United Kingdom, which is an important country for Norway.